10 Things…

I went to the library the other day with Elizabeth and Ben. I was in a weird mood and couldn’t decide what type of book I wanted to check out. Now, our library isn’t very big, but occasionally I’ll find something that will pique my interest. I wandered over to the non-fiction section and discovered a rather large (comparatively) section on religion. I saw several books that looked promising but I only ended up taking two home. One of the books I checked out was 10 Things Your Minister Wants To Tell You (But Can’t Because He Needs the Job) by Oliver “Buzz” Thomas. I picked it up because a friend of mine had recommended it. It’s a small, short book, weighing in at just over 100 pages, so I’d finished it within a couple hours time. The issues addressed are:

1. How did it all begin? (Creation)
2. Why are we here?
3. What is the Bible?
4. Is there really such a thing as a Miracle?
5. How do I please God?
6. What about women?
7. What about homosexuality?
8. Other religions
9. Death and Beyond
10. How it all ends

I was pleasantly surprised with the book. Although I did not agree with everything the author said, there was much that resonated with my own beliefs. He presents his thoughts on the various subjects in plain, everyday language and supports those views without coming off preachy or cherry-picking “prooftexts.” I think that the title makes the work seem a bit more provocative than it actually is, but then I have a degree in theology, so most of these ideas weren’t new to me. I realize that I’m not the target audience, and perhaps if I were the book might have seemed more risqué.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a quick read that will at least make you consider your beliefs, I recommend this one. I probably wouldn’t pay full price for it, but definitely worth consideration.

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2 thoughts on “10 Things…

  1. I like that quote…something that I’ve had to trust in over the last several years of my life with the passing of my mother, father and sister-in-law (my dog Rocket too) and then to put the cherry on the top, my recent diagnosis of MS. However, ‘Trust God, and in the end all things will pan out’ has been my motto of late.

  2. I’m glad you liked it!

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