Before the Flood

So, here is the other book that I picked up at the library the other day.  Recent research seems to indicate that the Black Sea was originally a freshwater lake and that as the world sea levels rose at the end of the Ice Age, the Mediterranean suddenly and catastrophically flooded the region.  Mr. Wilson points to this research and claims that this event is the real-life basis for the Noah tradition.  He goes on to point out various cultural developments, such as domestication of animals, crop cultivation, metallurgy and religious beliefs that all seem to have originated in Turkey and spread from there.  The arguments are well-researched and persuasive, although I do not find all of them convincing.  The reading is a little dry in general, but if ancient history is your thing, you might enjoy reading this one.

I enjoy reading books that cover the intersection of science and faith.  Although many authors today address such topics with an unspoken agenda of proving traditional Christian beliefs wrong, I really don’t mind the challenge.  I find that my faith in God is strengthened in the process.  That’s not to say that I read these works only to dismiss them out of hand.  I believe that God gave us the ability to reason and a free will to decide because He expects us to exercise them.  Many books, although I do not agree with the argument they present, can still provide information that I find interesting and useful.

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